The water heater is small. Long hot showers won’t happen here, -well maybe long, and hot, at first.

If you fill the fridge with room temperature foods it will take a while before it gets cold again.

INSECTS: Ants love camping, too!! Here are a couple of tips to help keep ants at bay -Properly store food and drinks. Keep kitchen area clean. Ants trail from tree limbs, tires, jacks, cords, and hoses. Sometimes this happens within minutes of setup, this can vary from one campsite to another.

We provide an Portable Dump Tank that you can transport to the dump station by using the hitch on your vehicle. It is your responsibility to ensure that both the grey and black water holding tanks last your entire rental period.  

Please use only the toilet paper that we provide, otherwise regular toilet paper can clog and damage the toilet system.

Some of the electrical outlets are on GFI circuits and can trip just like the ones in your home if items like hair dryers, irons, and electric heaters are used. 

Upon pickup we expect the camper to need only a light cleaning.


Do not let the campfire smoke or any other smoke blow into camper, keep door & windows closed.

Do not move the slide-out, in or out.

Do not hang, tape, tie or attach anything to camper or awning. 

Do not pour grease down sinks or in toilet (It will clog).   

Do not remove or unhook our propane tanks from the camper.


Camper Rules & Tips